Hello, my name is Guy Clark and what follows is a brief description of my experience within the construction industry.

I started my working life as an apprentice bricklayer with a large local building firm and following on from this I spent several years as a self employed bricklayer. I then moved on to work with a well regarded local builder, during which time I gained valuable working knowledge of how best to adapt existing buildings to incorporate new proposals, together with experience of a great number of construction styles and techniques.

During my mid twenties, I took the decision to retrain within the design side of the industry, life on the front line of construction truly is best left to the young!

Following on from this study, I have worked for a number of architectural and civil engineering consultancies and also some of the countrys leading housing developers. During my time at consultant's, I have had sole responsibility for developing designs of items ranging from overall site layouts right down to details of individual elements of particular buildings. Whilst working for developers, I have developed designs of each of their standard housetypes and individual site specific housetypes and coordinated all development information with various agencies including Local Authorities, Building Control organisations, Environment Agency and County Councils.
Together with these controlling bodies, I have also coordinated specialist designers information such as floor, roof, stair and window suppliers to ensure that their proposals can be accurately incorporated into the overall design. I have also spent time as an assistant site manager for a large developer after being asked to take my technical knowledge to a challenging site, as given my working history I could provide a useful interface between the technical department and the tradesmen carrying out the development.

For the last fifteen years or so, I have been preparing designs and making submissions on behalf of private clients, local builders and smaller developers for planning permissions and Building Regulations approvals.

This wealth of knowledge and experience when amalgamated puts me in a position to offer sound, reliable advice and guidance whether your proposals are a small extension to your home or a housing development, and rest assured, no matter how large or small, each project will receive the same level of attention and effort.