Whether you have decided that you would like a little more space in that cramped kitchen, an additional bedroom or just some more living space to enjoy, rest assured gclarkitecture can advise on how best to accommodate your proposals around your existing property.
I am happy to offer a no fee, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your requirements and proposals.

Even if you have extended your home in the past, with rules and regulations changing frequently I understand that it may seem a daunting prospect. Please follow the link where you can read more about the process that I would take you through in order to achieve your aims.

Following an initial consultation and an instruction to proceed, I would then carry out a detailed measurement survey of your property upon which I would base initial design proposals for your consideration. During this early stage I would also explore alternatives in an attempt to find a potentially more cost effective or visually pleasing way to achieve your requirements.
When a final design has been agreed, I would develop these into full Planning Application drawings. Once drawings were ready for submission, I would be pleased to do this on your behalf and act as your agent throughout the planning process, liaising with the planning department, including pre-planning advice where it may be deemed necessary, whilst ensuring that a clear line of communication with yourself was maintained so as you remained fully aware of your application's status at all times.
Following on from receiving your planning approval, I could then prepare further drawings for Building Regulation purposes. Again, I could continue in an agent capacity, submitting drawings and where required sourcing additional designers such as Structural Engineers. These additional details would be incorporated into my designs ensuring continuity for your chosen builder to follow at the construction stage.
During this construction stage, I would only be a phone call away should your builder have any queries regarding your works.
The terminology and processes encountered whilst exploring the idea of developing your home can seem more than a little confusing. I am happy to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of your proposals personally, but if you would like some clarification at this stage, please read this glossary where each element has been given a brief explanation.

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Permitted Development :
Under certain circumstances and within the guidelines given on the government's planning portal site, planning permission may not be required for your proposals. This is known as Permitted Development and I am more than happy to provide you with advice and guidance on this.
Even when your proposals are within these guidelines, it is prudent to obtain official confirmation in the form of a Lawful Development Certificate from your Local Authority of this, so as to aid such things as conveyancing in the future.

Planning Permission:
Planning permission or consent is required for building works which fall outside of the previously referred to permitted development.
These applications are made to your Local Authority and are dealt with by their Development Control team in accordance with both their adopted Local Plan and also Government guidelines.
For householders, though not exclusively, their officers will consider such things as, the size and scale of proposals, the external appearance, the effect of the proposals on the neighbouring properties and the neighbourhood generally.

Building Regulations:
The Building Regulations are statutory Government documents which outline a minimum standard for all elements of construction.
They cover areas such as structural stability and integrity, resistance to contaminants and moisture, hygiene and conservation of energy.
The majority of new building works are required to comply with the Building Regulations and if you would like clarification of whether your proposals fall within the requirements set out in them, I am more than happy to advise you.